University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The University of Economics in Bratislava (EUBA) is considered to be one of the most important educational and scientific-research institutions in the Slovak Republic. TheEUBA is a public Higher Education Institution focusing on Economics, Business, and Management. The mission of the EUBA is to provide quality higher education in all three levels of university education in a complex of economic and management degree programs and selected study programs in the humanities and informatics sciences; the development of knowledge based on the freedom of creative scientific research in the fields of business, economics, informatics, humanities and social sciences; and thus contributing to the development of the knowledge society of Slovakia and the European area.

Facts and Figures

Number of Faculties / Schools: 7 (6 of them with the seat in Bratislava and 1 in Košice)

Number of graduates: 110 000

Number of Students: 7 400

Number of academic staff: 500

Number of Study programs: 62

Courses taught in foreign languages: 150

Number of Double Degrees: 12


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